Sarah Hoffman grew up in Kinuso, a small rural community, where her dad was the school principal and her mom was a teacher.

“When I told them I wanted to be a teacher too, they told me not to. These were the Klein years, and my father told me that teachers simply weren’t valued in Alberta. But like most times when people told me things would be difficult, I did it anyway!”

Sarah earned bachelor degrees in Mathematics, Religion and Education, and a master’s degree in Education Policy. While studying, Sarah got involved in the NDP. In 2010, Rachel Notley encouraged her to run for the Edmonton Public School Board. Sarah earned 70 per cent of the vote, defeating a well-known incumbent trustee. This was the first of Sarah’s five consecutive election victories.

“I ran to keep our neighborhood schools open when the Conservatives tried to close them. I ran, and I won, and we kept those schools open. I’m very proud of my record over two terms as trustee and as Chair of the Edmonton Public School Board, standing up for students, staff, and families.”

In 2015, Sarah defeated a Conservative cabinet minister, and won Edmonton-Glenora for the Alberta NDP for the first time. Premier Rachel Notley named her Deputy Premier and Minister of Health.

“I am so proud of what we achieved as New Democrats in government: building the Calgary Cancer Centre, a historic social housing program, and dramatic action on climate change. 

“I passed a law to stop harassment around abortion clinics, and we were the first in Canada to fund the abortion pill. We put harm reduction at the centre of our response to the drug poisoning crisis and that saved lives.

“But most of all - we cut child poverty in half in four years. Every New Democrat should be proud of that, and I’m so excited to pick that work up again. 

Sarah was re-elected in 2019 and 2023, and served as Deputy Leader of the Alberta NDP throughout that time.

“Let’s take action together and put our NDP values to work. The time is now!”

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