Landen Tischer

Father, Farmer, Athabasca Barrhead Westlock NDP Candidate 2023, Member of the Federal NDP Council of Electoral District Associations in Alberta

I am proud to support Sarah to become Alberta’s next leader of the NDP and Premier because when she started her campaign, she toured  Alberta visiting New Democrats in every single corner of this province. Her campaign is not just focused on urban centres but on all Albertans who need healthcare, action on climate change and access to affordable housing. Having previously served as Alberta’s  Health Minister, Sarah knows what can be done for rural hospitals. And with Sarah being from a small northern town, she knows how to talk about a better climate. She speaks to the problems caused by droughts and she talks about the negative impact of wildfires to our health. By appealing to the socially committed roots of the NDP, she will invest in co-operative housing and put rent caps in place, while also tackling the issues that municipal governments and developers may have standing in their way. I appreciate that Sarah knows what it takes to win and how to raise money. Sarah truly listens and shows good patience with people including taking time to answer the hard questions. I believe Sarah will support small town campaigns and new candidates. I trust she will make sure the budget works for everyone. The NDP needs a Leader who travels across Alberta to listen to the people and relate to concerns. As former Deputy Premier of Alberta, Sarah Hoffman has proven her reliability to bring a better version of Healthcare, Climate and Housing to Alberta.

Thanks for working for Alberta, Sarah!

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