Incentives to get the Job Done

  • Low-cost and no-cost loans to developers who ensure one-third of their units are non-market affordable housing or permanent supportive housing, one-third are below market and no more than one-third are at market
  • Incentivize municipalities to reduce permitting timelines and bring in zoning that promotes density. Set housing targets for municipalities and provide incentives to hit those targets
  • Make public land available for housing through repurposing underused municipal, provincial, and federal land, including former school sites, and underused commercial sites. Transfer ownership of this land to the re-established Ministry of Housing that will coordinate its use and make it available to Housing Management Bodies, co-ops, and not-for-profits
  • Build at speed by encouraging innovations in homebuilding, including factory-built housing by working with Alberta’s post-secondary institutions and providing incentives to companies who will manufacture advance modular housing, low carbon concrete and other techniques that achieve scale, drive down costs, lower carbon footprints and increase climate resilience.
  • Use innovative ways of financing affordable housing by, for example, encouraging foundations and pension funds looking for philanthropic options for investment and using the principles of halal financing which is based on equity and shared risk, to provide funding for new developments.

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