Heather McPherson

MP for Edmonton Strathcona, NDP Critic for Foreign Affairs and International Development, Deputy Critic for Canadian Heritage

I’m thrilled to endorse Sarah Hoffman as the next leader of the Alberta NDP. I want to thank all candidates for the work they are doing to build our party and for putting their names forward. Sarah is on the top of my ballot and here’s why. 

I’ve known Sarah since our university days. We quickly realized we share the same NDP values. Sarah has always been committed to working together to lift up our neighbours. For decades she has supported our party and our movement. On the doors and at protests, I’ve seen her in action. 

Sarah will advance our legacy as Tommy Douglas’ Medicare party by making sure Albertans benefit from dental care, universal access for birth control and diabetes medication, and stronger public healthcare. Like me, she is a proud Albertan and a proud Canadian. 

She has proven we can win when we own our values and work hard. 

Sarah is a winner. She builds teams, and with her hard work and unwavering commitment to our values, she will become the next Premier.

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