Expanding Public Seniors’ Care

  • Build at least 1500 public Continuing Care beds to take the pressure off the acute care system in hospitals and families who are caring for someone at home who is on a wait list. 
  • Invest in Elder Community Support and Home Care so seniors can safely live at home.
  • Build or repurpose space for long-term care to create room for patients requiring a lower level of care. Acute care patients should be in acute care beds. And those who are in need of longer-term solutions are better-served in those settings. Some of this can be done with non-profit organizations who focus on cultural and/or religious programming.
  • Establish staffing ratios and minimum hours of care for patients.
  • Ensure that staff who work in congregate care settings are making a living wage and expand the number of full time positions so they can foster lasting relationships and reduce the spread of communicable diseases.



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