Dr Thomas Varghese

Alberta educator, former president of Edmonton South NDP

I've known Sarah Hoffman for more than 20 years, since we were in university together. Our class wasn't very diverse, but Sarah always stood up for people who needed help. Her grassroots connections with party members and Albertans are evident in the number of volunteers who support her and the warm reception she receives while door knocking. I proudly supported her when she ran for EPSB trustee, not only in her initial campaign but also in her subsequent re-election. As Board Chair, Sarah made a remarkable impact on public education, opposing school closures. As an MLA, Minister of Health, and Deputy Premier, Sarah Hoffman did an incredible job, and I consider her one of the best Health Ministers Alberta has had during my time living in the province. When I learned of Sarah's candidacy for leadership, I had no hesitation in supporting her; I knew she would bring a well-thought-out plan to improve the lives of Albertans. As an educator at heart, Sarah is deeply committed to public education and has solid plans for climate, housing, and healthcare improvements. Her dedication is evident in her desire to enhance the lives of all Albertans. Sarah will lead the NDP to victory in the next general election, and she will make an outstanding Premier. Let's unite behind her!

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