Better hospitals across Alberta

  • Expansion of acute care beds in new facilities like the South Edmonton Hospital and under the guidance of the Health Workforce Planning and Implementation Group.
  • Extend Operating Room hours by increasing nursing hours and inpatient beds in existing AHS space. This is a long-term process that would start with extending operating room hours to 6:00 PM and opening ORs on Saturdays. As capacity grows these hours would be extended.
  • Expand capacity and training for speciality areas, in particular anesthesia, by working with Alberta medical schools.
  • Extend the ability of speciality physicians to see more patients by working with Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Assistants.
  • Incent Central Triage systems so that Albertans with the highest needs will be seen more quickly.

Capital and Human Resource Planning to be done by the Workforce Planning and Implementation Group.

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