EDMONTON - Sarah Hoffman officially launched her campaign for Leader of the Alberta NDP and the next Premier of Alberta in front of hundreds of cheering supporters today.

“Our values as New Democrats are critical to solving the problems we’re facing today,” said Hoffman, MLA for Edmonton-Glenora, former Chair of the Edmonton Public School Board, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health. 

“We must fix our public healthcare after five years of UCP sabotage. We must get every Albertan a safe and affordable home after five years of UCP cruelty. And we must respond urgently to the climate crisis that threatens our way of life.”

Hoffman shared her upbringing in the small rural community of Kinuso, where her dad was the school principal and her mom taught Kindergarten. 

“I remember my dad having every other light bulb in the school removed to try to save enough money to save a teacher’s job. I had so much respect for the work my mom and dad did to help kids in our community. I wanted to be a teacher too. But when I told my dad that he told me not to. He said teachers aren’t respected in Alberta. We’re not valued by our own government. But like most times that somebody told me something would be difficult, I did it anyway!”

Hoffman got involved with the NDP at university. When Conservative cuts were pressuring the school board to close five neighbourhood schools, Hoffman launched a long-shot bid for the school board against a well-known incumbent, a former principal and assistant superintendent. She worked hard, built a strong team around her and ultimately won with 70 per cent of the vote, the first of her five consecutive election victories.

Hoffman celebrated the accomplishments of the first Alberta NDP government, especially her construction of the Calgary Cancer Centre and the new emergency room at the Miseriscordia Hospital in Edmonton, legislation to stop harassment outside abortion clinics, and making sure Alberta was the first province in Canada to fully fund the abortion pill.”

“I dramatically cut wait times for breast cancer surgery. I connected more parents with midwives than ever before. I followed the science of harm reduction, and that saves lives,” Hoffman told the crowd.

Hoffman laid out her campaign priorities of Health, Climate, and Housing, and stressed her commitment to the NDP and its values.

“I am and always will be a proud Alberta New Democrat. That’s the party I knock doors for in every corner of the province, the party I raise money for, and the party I recruited so many candidates to run for.

“It’s the Alberta NDP that came so very close to winning last year, and it’s the Alberta NDP that will win the next election!”

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