Statement in response to the City of Edmonton’s Affordable Housing Strategy

Sarah Hoffman made the following statement in response to the City of Edmonton’s Affordable Housing Strategy:

“I’m pleased to see many of the actions taken by Edmonton city council today, especially Councillor Michael Janz’s initiative to hold landlords accountable if they fail to provide safe and healthy housing for renters.

“Local governments are forced into action due to the UCP’s refusal to act on the housing crisis. Families across the province are struggling to make ends meet, and most households’ single largest expense is housing.

“Edmonton and Calgary have the fastest rising rents of anywhere in the country, and more than 100,000 Calgarians are at risk of homelessness today. Young people in small and rural communities are struggling to find homes they can afford.

“I strongly urge Danielle Smith and the UCP to help us pass Bill 205, MLA Janis Irwin’s Housing Security Act. We need temporary rent caps to help Albertans stay in the homes they already have.”

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