Statement in response to Minister Demetrios Nicolaides’ presentation

Sarah Hoffman, Alberta NDP Leadership Candidate, made the following statement in response to Minister Demetrios Nicolaides’ presentation at Education budget estimates today:

"The UCP is deliberately starving our public, separate, and Francophone schools of resources in order to divert tax dollars to private schools and charter schools. This means longer drives and more overcrowded and complex classrooms for the majority of Alberta students and families.

“Charter schools have long desired to be regarded as part of the public system. Alberta should formalize this by providing a path to truly enter the public system. The Edmonton Public School Board, which I was chair of, has had great success in offering programs of choice within the public system. The Calgary Board of Education has also brought in many programs of choice.

“Private schools are an option for Albertans. I do not support these schools simultaneously charging extremely high fees, which excludes many families, while also receiving generous support from public funds. As Premier, I will work towards an arrangement that reduces public funding for private schools that charge high fees.

“Quality public education is fundamental to a successful democratic society. I am committed to restoring an appropriate budget to Alberta’s public, separate and Francophone schools.”

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